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Mini Bowling at Epicenter
Mini Bowling
Perfect for ALL Ages, Mini Bowling, A scaled down version of full-sized bowling. Including half-scale bowling balls and pins. Be the Epicenter’s next Mini-Bowl CHAMPION!
Epicenter E-Sports Puyallup
Tru Golf,  Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, Dodge Ball, play alone or ally with a team. Join us for Epic E-Tournaments and earn Real Rewards. Monthly contests in the Epicenter Omni Arena, play up to four friends.
Can you solve the mystery and survive our Escape Room Challenge unscathed? Crack the code, unlock the key, Go for the Epic Reward! Escape Room One is “The Office,” Escape Room Two is “Escape Through Time.”
omni arena
Omni Arena at Epicenter Puyallup

At the Epicenter of Family Entertainment 

Puyallup’s Own, High Energy, Hands On, Full Body Immersion, Virtual Reality and Esports Gaming Center.  Perfect for Families, College Agers, Gamers, Corporate and Team Building Outings. Parties, Celebrations, Special Events.  COME ON IN & ENTER THE ARENA!  

Omni height requirements are 4 ft 2 inches, Max weight is 300 lbs

Escape Through Time Escape Room at Epicenter
The Office - Escape Room #2 at Epicenter in Puyallup

Actual facts can be changed to another “truth” by those with nefarious motives.

What someone wants you to believe, and what is real can be different.

Control the information and you can control what people think!

That can change.

Use your exclusive access to THE OFFICE and shine a light on the dastardly deeds of those that meddle with the truth.


Unparalleled entertainment and fun

“The Office”
Build Trust & Confidence
Learn to Imagine & Innovate
Create New Neural Pathways to Freedom
Increase Logical Thinking Skills at All Levels
Parties & Events
epic party planning for all occasions, family outings, birthdays,
team builders, school trips, thematic events