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Escape Through Time Escape Room at Epicenter


$100.00 up to 2 Participants
$45.00 per additional participants
Max 6 Participants

“Welcome to the Epicenter ‘Hotel and Casino’! We are glad you chose to stay with us while you are here in this great city! All accommodations are covered, and you now have access as a High Roller to all of our VIP amenities!

Your penthouse awaits you on the Executive Suite floor. Our guests are convinced we use magic because 1 hour feels as though they’ve escaped their everyday lives and traveled through time while staying here.

We’re certain it’s our exceptional VIP staff who are so in tune with our guests that every minute of your stay has been designed to maximize your time with us. However, we’ll let you decide which is true! Check out time is…. if you can escape!


For an EPIC ESCAPE, Solve the Mystery
and Bring Your Team Together

Actual facts can be changed to another “truth” by those with nefarious motives.

What someone wants you to believe, and what is real can be different.

Control the information and you can control what people think!

That can change.

Use your exclusive access to THE OFFICE and shine a light on the dastardly deeds of those that meddle with the truth.